Thursday, 12 February 2015

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this year by having lunch at Crumbs on the seafront. Big sandwiches on granary bread with chips and English Breakfast tea...perfect... then home for some sparkling wine and a film with the kids.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

R.I.P - Itchy June 1997 - December 2014

This morning we said goodbye to our most loved and loyal kitty
Itchy aged 17.5years old.
(86 years 8 months in cat years)
I first met Itchy when she was advertised in the local paper when we lived in Bath Road, Worcester in the summer of 1997. Richard was working long hours commuting to Manchester every day and Mam & Dad had come down for a visit most probably to keep me company. Dad decided to come with me to help chose .
She came from a litter of 5 and we ended up taking 3 kittens away with us. I spotted two kittens I wanted straight away, with Dad deciding on another - he always did have a soft spot for cats. The house where we got them from was filthy and the kittens were riddled with fleas, but after a clean up and then the all clear from the vet, they were as good as new.
I named my two after the infamous cat and mouse Simpsons duo, Itchy & Scratchy, Dad naming his Wusty, who incidentally passed away this summer whilst asleep in the garden.
Scratchy, unfortunately, had to be rehomed after I had Tom in 2000 as she had lived up to her namesake and tried to attack Tom whenever he came near. Itchy stayed as she was a most placid cat and was very non plussed about the new addition. Her nickname to Richard and I was  "sauropodlet" after watching a dinosaur documentary. It was around this time that we moved to Hallow Road and Itchy decided to live outside. We had a very large garden complete with a mature Bramley apple tree and two sheds, it was very tempting I suppose and safely away from the traffic. This is where she spent the majority of the next 6-7 years, frequenting the neighbours house regularly where she would be fed roast chicken (we only found this out when we were about to leave). 
It was all change again for Itchy when we moved here. All of a sudden her age seemed to catch up with her and she wasn't interested in going out anymore, preferring to live in our utility and sunbath the during the summer months, on the garage roof.
She passed away peacefully this morning in her sleep.
Thank you Itchy for being the perfect pet.
We will miss you.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Flowers from Hazel...x

Its so lovely to know that my best friend is always looking out for me. She knows when I am unwell without even asking. Thank you for the flowers, they are beautiful.